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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dorra Slimming Soft Launch Giveaway

Ever wish there was a magical wand to make unwanted bulges go away? Or perhaps a genie in a bottle for a fantabalous body transformation? Forget magic, forget smokes and mirrors or selling the soul to the devil.

Anyone can confide in dorra, the professional slimming center that helps to achieve the ultimate bootylicious, head turning figure. Dorra is having soft launch giveaway, including 1 dorra Formula slimming session, 1 dorra slimming product and 1 dorra signature bag.

Outlets: Lot 10 (LD), Mid Valley (MD)
SMS: DR<space>ST, Preferred Outlet & Name, send to 32828 (rm2/sms)
*The promotion only for new female customer age 22 and above with lower body weight problems.


dai said...

I been to dorra slimming today to see whats going on and to try the deal that i bought and i can say that this is the most worst deal that i bought, its not a matter of the price the treatment that they explainex to me was good but they should learn how to feel the customer, i actually like what they offered me but i change my mind because they intimidiate me, they forced me to buy the treatment, i told them many times already that some other time,or i will come back for that, i never bring money i give a lot of reason but they dont let me go untill i dont buy the treatment they ask me to check my wallet and check my bank account balance they tried a 3 of my cards and it really nit working,but i purposely didnt bring what i had coz my friend experience was not good too and i just tried what my friend told me and its true but for me is more worst...but i didnt know i feel that i just waste my time.. They should teach them not to force people to buy the treatment, i acctually from sales and i dont force my customer if they dont want to buy instead i will show them a good advice or let them what they want coz if they really want or if they like my service for sure they will come back and buy... An after thay when they ask me to go toilet coz they are fixing the room i didnt came back and take my trial.. I feel that they just wasting my time i better leave it and not to try anymore.. I dont like this kind of sales...i stay there for more than 1 and half hour just to convince me about the treatment, now i learn my lesson i dont want to slim down already i consider my self coz this is me..

dai said...

I'd realize that this is ur stategic, hope that ur staff will learn how to respect whats customer decision

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